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Willem | Email address
Hello im Willem an i live in Holland.you guys should think right now.what the hell is he doing here. I am a ww2 battlefield searcher equipted with a metal detector, and i want to tell you guys, that i found a stafforshire regiment button in groesbeek holland. Where was some realy hard fightings during world war 2.
I like to send a photo of the button and may be the spot where i found it, but i dont know where and how to add it.
Lots of respect for all the allieds who keeped our country german-free!! :) and let us live in peace.
I think the least i can do is let you guys now that i found this button, and i must say.i did a lot of searching on the internet for it.you guys are hard to find.
Respect. greetings Willem.
10 June 2012 - South Holland

Webmaster comments   Thanks for contacting us, Willem, to tell us of your interesting discovery. We have emailed you separately suggesting that the Staffordshire Regiment Museum would also be interested to hear about it. Their website is shown on our Links page. Please let us know of any progress you make.

Jason Allen | Email address
My Grandfather William Herrington was with the 32nd south staffordshire homeguard.He worked the land and lived in Little Aston.I only have two memories of our conversations and he did not talk often of the war due to him losing his brother KIA Tunisia.He told me that he had been based on footherly moor where there was a mock up of birmingham using lighting (to fool the luftwaffe into dropping there bombs early in unpopulated area)He also talked of working in sutton park on anti-aircraft.I would be really greatful of any contact/information about my Grandfather.I have some items of interest ref:walsall homeguard and some homeguard items in my collection. I would really like to find a photo of my Grandfather.
15 March 2012 - Lichfield Staffordshire.

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you, Jason. Info about the 32nd Staffs (which was the starting point for this website) is rare indeed! Will contact you direct.

Catherine White | Email address
My Father, John ( Jack ) Perkins served with the Cannock Home Guard. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
28 December 2011 - Somerset

Ray Hall | Email address
Kingsbury, North Warwickshire.
My father, George Hall, was a member of the Home Guard and he used to report to Kingsbury. Does anyone have any knowledge of Home Guard at Kingsbury or Hurley in North Warwickshire.
23 October 2011 - North Warwickshire

Dr. Derek Pinches | Email address
Does anyone recall my late father a Home Guard member called Sidney Pinches who at the time was an overhead linesman for West Midlands Joint Electricity Authority (predessor to MEB), based at Roushill, living in Sundorme Crescent later in Sundorne Road Shrewsbury. His brother in law was Leslie Wheeler also a linesman with WMJEA

I am tracing his history, his uncle my great uncle was awarded the VC during WW1.

15 August 2011 - Stafford

Bruce Kipp | Email address
I had the privilege of serving at RAF Menwith Hill outside Harrogate from 1990-1994. As an amateur military historian I became interested in the Home Guard in Harrogate (5th West Riding Battalion) and did considerable research on the unit. I gathered many documents and interviewed several veterans of the unit, including the Commanding Officer of C Coy, Sir Cecil W. Aykroyd, from whom I obtained the complete defense plan for Harrogate as well as other info about the battalion. Unfortunately, the link to contact the Home Guard reinactment group in Harrogate on this website doesn't work on my computer. Would you please have them contact me?
6 August 2011 - Billings, Montana, USA

Webmaster comments   Thanks for this interesting information, Bruce. Have forwarded your request to the Harrogate group.
If you feel that in the future you would like an online platform for some of your Harrogate information, please contact staffshomeguard.

Shirley Sura | Email address
Thank you so much for this information. I was looking for information about my Grandfather Thomas Granger who was in the Fire Service in Birmingham, probably Aston in the Second World war. Although I did not find anything about him I enjoyed the sad/happy information.
Thank you again for this facinating and fantastic site.
14 July 2011 - United Kingdom

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Shirley. Consider mentioning your search in the Birmingham History Forum - http://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum.php

Webmaster | Email address
Calling Bob Wells who sent an incomplete Feedback message to staffshomeguard. Please contact us again with a return email address.
6 June 2011

Kathy | Email address
Great site. I am looking for any info on my grandfather Harold Budd who was in the home guard in Wolverhampton.
I dont know what unit ot where to find the detail.
28 May 2011 - New Zealand

Webmaster comments   It's difficult, unfortunately, Kathy! Have a look at our "Searching for HG Members" page which gives a few pointers. (Go to Site Map and find the link under "General Information Pages"). And DO let us know if you make progress.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We have also responded in more detail via separate email but the email address provided is not functioning. Please contact the website again via Feedback. Thanks

Duncan | Email address
I'm currently carrying out some research for a new BBC2 History series. We are looking at the home guard for one of the programmes. I would love to hear from anyone who formed part of the home guard during WW2 or from people whose ancestors have stories to tell about their experiences in or with the service. It would also be good to speak to any experts on the subject. Please feel free to contact me directly: 0161 244 3633. Many thanks, Duncan
16 March 2011 - BBC Manchester

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