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Andrew sutton | Email address
Hello i found this site very interesting having been doing a little re
search regarding meir h.g i have the challenge cup in my collection presented by l.a.v plumpton,cheers Andrew
28 February 2011 - west yorks

Webmaster comments   Many thanks for the feedback, Andrew. Any chance of an image/further interesting information which could be included on the Meir page?

Andy | Email address
Great site. Keep up the good work.

12 October 2010 - UK

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Andy.

linda hayler | Email address
Hi All,
I am trying to track any info on a Harry Christmas who lived in Eastbourne Sussex in the early 50's who played darts with my dad. Harry was in what dad called "CCoy" which he explained was C company home guard. Any info gratefully received.
Linda Hayler
13 August 2010 - Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Barry M Jones | Email address
I am doing research into Lt Col Alfred George deQuervain Colley, I/C 39th Warwickshire HG. He was Managing Director of Parkinson Stoves, Stechford.
Did they have their own Battalion HG? And does anyone know of the 'secret war work' Parkinson Stoves carried out with Major Arcedekne-Butler, ex Royal Signals?
Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?!

Many thanks.
30 May 2010 - East Sussex

Donald (Chip) Brookes | Email address
I've been reenacting 7th Bn Black Watch, I am now a little long in the tooth. I am considering pensioning myself off, but want to continue in the Home Guard. Probably Perthshire for obvious reasons.

May I assume that the information in this site would be applicable to a Scottish Home Guard Unit?

My compliments to you. This is a terrific website.
28 May 2010 - New Hampshire, USA

Webmaster comments   Welcome, Chip, and good luck with your transfer to home defence.

Chris Merrett | Email address
Could anybody please help me?
I am the son-in-law of L/Cpl Brian Edward Boyle Thompson, D Company 19th Battalion Heathfield Sussex Home Guard. Brian passed away some time ago. I have found some old photos of the Officers and men of this Unit. The photos were taken by H C Deal South Street Eastbourne 1944. Could anybody please put me on the right path to find out the history of this Battalion. I would be more than willing to copy the photos and pass onto anyone.If there is any one out there who could come back to me on e-mail I would be very grateful.
10 February 2010 - Worthing West Sussex England.

Bob Pooler | Email address
I am researching the Worcestershire Constabulary between 1839 and 1967. The war period is a particularly interesting time and I am keen to learn from anyone who has information about the police activities in the county during the hostilities. If you can help in any way I would be pleased to hear from you. Photos are particularly welcome.
26 December 2009 - Pershore, Worcestershire

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Bob?
(Sorry for the delay in the appearance of this message).

Michael Backhouse | Email address
Hello. I wonder if anyone can point me in the correct direction. I am trying to find high quality reproduction Home Guard County and Battalion badges. Having no luck anywhere. If anyone can help I would be really grateful. Thanks! Mike
16 November 2009 - Buckinghamshire

Wayne | Email address
Dear all

I am currently in the research stage for a dissertation which centres around the Home Guard and how it is represented in current and past media, Dad's Army being a perfect example.

As part of this I am looking for living people who have served in the Home Guard. I appreciate that any such people will have been too young to serve in the regular army at that time and may have spent some time in the Home Guard as a result.

I would appreciate any help, including any direction that anybody could provide.


30 October 2009 - Northants

Webmaster comments   Let's hope that an ex-Home Guard who looks at this Guestbook will be able to help Wayne.

Lesley Worthington | Email address
My grandfather Charles Henry Moore was a member of the Home Guard. He was killed 30/9/1940 while on duty, and I believe was the first Home Guard to be killed in the war. Is there any information to support this claim? Thank You
15 July 2009 - Florida USA

Webmaster comments   Sorry for the delay in the appearance of this message, Lesley. Shall contact you direct.

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