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Sgt Y
May I just add my comments to your guest book,I have read the complete site and have been throughly entertained and enlightened by your fantastic website which is a fitting tribute to the Home Guard!As a currently mobilised soldier,I can assure you that most experiences are as relevant today as they were then.
30 December 2005 - Operational

Webmaster comments   Thanks v. much, Sgt. Y., and do please keep coming back - several updates are imminent!

Michael Ackrill | Email address
Without doubt the best Home Guard site I have visited,Good work and thankyou
4 December 2005 - Kent

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much for your kind words, Michael - most encouraging.

Dave Pemberton
Hi. I came across your website from the link on Ian Sanders' pillbox site, and I'm glad I did. You have a stunning site, amazingly well laid out and full of information. Well done to everyone concerned. Good luck and keep up the great work!
10 September 2005 - Wolverhampton

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Dave, much appreciated.

Monica Scribbans | Email address
In the course of doing some research on our own family, the Scribbans', I came across your website. I'm enjoying the article of Graham Myers' memories, and in particular the references to Little Aston Hall and my distant cousin's wife, Ada Scribbans. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers the Hall at that time, or who might have photos of the War years there. Great site, and I'm looking forward to going back for a second look, as I find it very interesting in and apart from my own research.
22 August 2005 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Austin J. Ruddy
Congratulations on a wonderful website! There seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the Home Guard as of late. Today a national memorial was unveiled to the Home Guard at Torquay (even though they got the dates on the memorial stone wrong! - which incidentally is shaped like an anti-tank 'dragon's teeth' block!). I have written a book called 'To The Last Round: The Leicestershire & Rutland Home Guard 1940-1944' which will be published early 2006. There's many great action photos in it. Long live the Home Guard!
11 August 2005 - Leicester, UK

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much, Austin, and good luck with the book. If you would provide details at the appropriate time we'll include them in the Links/Further Reading page.

Russell W. Barnes | Email address | Website
An excellent and informative site; well done!
19 June 2005 - Skelton, Penrith, Cumbria

Webmaster comments   Russell's site on Workington, Cumbria and its Home Guard is highly recommended. Find it via the link above or the LINKS page on this site

david bygraves | Email address
just found your site as a HG historian i must say i found it very interesting I;ve got the book on your next door neibours ie Tetenhall area keep it up
27 May 2005 - arlesey beds

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