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David Griffiths | Email address
I am trying to find out some information about my father (John Edward Griffiths), who I believe was in the Home Guard in or near Oswestry in the early years of WW2, & would appreciate any help which can be offered. I have 2 photographs, 1 of my father on his own (in uniform), & the other with his fellow members, possibly taken in the Drill Hall. Many thanks, David Griffiths
13 December 2008 - Oswestry

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help David? Please respond either direct or via this website using Feedback.

Jeremy Flack | Email address
Further to my message below, has anybody compiled a list of all of the Home Guard Battalions, their Companys, Platoons and locations? Can you help with your local units?

I am putting together a database of these as part of this Military Heritage project but details are very patchy.

Most Home Guard Battalions produced a book at the end of the war. Does anybody have any of them. Would it be possible to get a photo copy or scan?

You can contact me on milstructures20thc at yahoo.co.uk


22 July 2008 - Swindon, UK

Webmaster comments   I think it would be pushing it a bit to say that most battalions produced after stand-down a book of their activities ; but certainly a number did. I believe that someone is shortly to publish a complete list of these. Their contents vary in detail, from a general outline of activities to much more detailed information on structure and personnel. The vast majority of surviving copies are in private ownership but a copy of many are lodged in the IWM and/or the British Library. S.P.Mackenzie's book - see our Links and Further reading Page - details a number of these histories which were used in the author's research.
The excellent homeguard.org website - again, see Links - lists all Battalions throughout the UK. The only readily available source of personnel is the published Home Guard List for 1941 which lists officers (not NCOs) for each battalion but gives no information on specific responsibilities (see Links as well)

Jeremy Flack | Email address
I am working on a project to create a photographic record of locations across the UK that have a military connection. So far I have identified over 19,000 locations.

I am currently researching the Home Guard and would be interested to hear from anybody who can accurately identify locations used by the Home Guard such as Drill Halls, HQs, Road Blocks, Tank Traps, Pillboxes, Rocket sites etc. If you have photos I am keen to incorporate them in a then and now section.
Details of this project are on my temporary website which can be accessed by entering "20th Century Military Structures" into Google. It is the one which starts with freewebs

You can contact me on milstructures20thc at yahoo.co.uk


29 June 2008 - UK

Webmaster comments   Can we help Jeremy?

ALLEN WILLIAMS | Email address
My father David Williams served in a "Z" Rocket Battery 220 AA Wilts from a site in Upper Stratton [near Swindon] the aim was to bring down enemy bombers flying up to the midlands, I have a photo of the group,only now am I learning of these weapons that he served on. Sites such as yours will help to educate these later generations.
26 June 2008 - North Wiltshire

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Allen. We hope that you will tell us more.

Harry Quinn | Email address
hello there like the site very well edited
i was just wondering if you could send me some website links where i can buy original or repro home guard equipment because im joining WR 28 Haworth home guard
ive left my email address - get back to me asap
18 May 2008 - west yorkshire


Andrew Fullerton | Email address
I recently unearthed a photo of the 1st Warwickshire (Warwick) Battalion in which my father served, and webmaster Chris has done a fantastic job incorporating his story on this site. Thank you so much, and I hope anyone else with a serving relative might be able to spot a familiar face in the line up.
27 April 2008 - London

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much for providing the fascinating information in the first place, Andrew.
Visitors to the site can see Andrew's father's story by navigating via Site Map (link above)/Other HG Units - Warwickshire/Warwick. Any further identifications please?

anthony james | Email address
my father Frank James was in the home guard during the war he lived in great warley cannock is there any way i could find out any information about him.
16 April 2008

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your message, Anthony. Tracing individuals is not easy but there are a few tips provided in the website. Find the page by going to Site Map (above), then General Pages/General Information/Searching for Individual HG Members. Good luck and let us know more about your father's service, when you can.

John Green | Email address
Found this site whilst looking for information on the US Logistical corps stationed in Tettenhall, during the build up to the Normandy Landings. My dad was in the Tettenhall Home Guard being in a protected occupation. I think their HQ was Stockwell House, as my dad lived with his parents, who were steward and stewardess during the war at South Staffs Golf Club.
His middle brother, Dennis Green (known by many all his life as Jim Green), went into the Royal Navy and was awarded the Oak Leaf and his youngest brother, Graham Green, went into the Merchant Navy and was awarded the Lloyds Bronze Medal. I believe another member of the HG at Tettenhall was Les Powner.
7 April 2008 - WOLVERHAMPTON

Webmaster comments   Thanks, John.
John's information has been repeated and expanded in the Staffordshire section of this site. Go to Site map (see link above)/Other HG Units/Staffordshire/Wolverhampton.

Les Dear | Email address
I am trying to find a group photo of the Wormley Home Guard HTS3. My Great Grandfather William Frederick Dear and Great Uncle Percy Dear served in this unit. Another Great Uncle,Walter Dear, served in the Cheshunt Home Guard.
Any help or ideas would be great.
Regards to all and your site is superb, have spent ages just reading articles and have bookmarked the site so that I can return time and time again.
Les Dear
28 January 2008 - Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your kind words, Les. Glad you have found something of interest. I've taken the liberty of mentioning your quest within the Hertfordshire (F-L) section of the site.

Lyn | Email address
I came across your site by chance. My father (John Side) who is now 84,was in the Ramsgate Home Guard and also served in Africa and Italy during ww2, asked me yesterday if I could find out what happened to an old friend of his from his Home Guard days. His name was Alfred Wood, and on his call up, went on to join the Royal Marines. My father went into the Royal Artillery.
It has amazed me that so little is available on the internet about the Home Guard/Local Defence Volunteers, or as my father to refered to it, look, duck and vanish.

Keep up the good work.

Lyn Davis
20 January 2008 - Broadstairs, Kent England

Webmaster comments   Thanks for visiting the site and your comments, Lyn. Tracing old HG members is not easy: there are a few tips in the General Information section of this website. Go to SITE MAP (link above)/General Information

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