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David Cobham | Email address
My grandfather Leslie Daniel Vernon served in the Homeguard in Cannock during the war. He was known as Dan and was the manager of Salmon's grocers in Cannock from what I recall.
If anybody has any memories or photographs to share I would love to hear from you.
Thanks David Cobham
7 November 2007 - Albrighton Wolverhampton Uk

Webmaster comments   Thanks for making contact, David. Tell us more, when you can.

Andy Diss | Email address
My grandfather, JR Brosch, in the Sutton Coldfield Staffordshire Home Guard a captain we believe. .He was mentioned in a page on the site.

I have posted a couple of pictures of him and other members of the Home guard on my family site dissfamilytree.co.uk under John Reardon Brosch.

Hope they are of interest

Andy Diss
25 October 2007 - Sussex

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Andy.
A page dedicated to Capt. John Brosch is now included within this website. To find it, go to SITE MAP (link above)/Other HG units/Warwickshire/Sutton Coldfield

V lundrigan | Email address
Looking for a site where you can search for possible children of newfoundland forestry and\or home guard men who were in Scotland during World War II
17 August 2007 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Sorry for the delay in the appearance of this message - it got muddled up with spam.
You've probably done so, but in case not, have you contacted Cliff Pike at the NOFU site for advice?

Lee Davis. | Email address
I am searching for any information about my father,Alfred Davis,during his Home Guard service.
He died in 1985,when I was 16,so any stories about him will fill in a lot of blanks in my knowledge about him.
4 May 2007 - Godalming,Surrey,UK.

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your message, Lee.
Obviously you can get from this website and others, as well as from many books, a good idea of the sort of duties your father would have performed. Establishing details of particular individuals is however very difficult. But please see below......
We're also publishing your appeal under Surrey, Kingston where we understand your father was a member of the HG. (See under "All Other Counties - M-S" via the Sitemap).

27th November 2007 - we've added a page dealing with the difficulties of tracing old HG members and giving a few tips. Navigate to it via Sitemap/General Pages/General Information/Searching for Individual Home Guard Members.

Colin Walsh | Email address
I enjoyed finding mention of my Father's Home Guard service in Scotland throught the Overseas Newfoundland Forestry Service. He married my Mother there and brought her back to Canada. She was a Scottish War Bride. He was in the 3rd Inverness (Newfoundland) Battalion Home Guard. They had five children. My Mother was in Forestry as well, in the Women's Land Army. (The forgotten Army)

11 March 2007 - Toronto, Canada

Webmaster comments   Thanks for making contact, Colin.
Much information on this unit and its members can be found on the excellent NOFU website - there is a link to it from this site via the Site Map page (link above) under "Invernessshire". Colin has also most generously provided more details and images in connection with his father's HG service. These now appear on a separate page of this website. Again, navigate via "Invernessshire" to find it.

Rose Hadley | Email address
I found your site whilst trying to find information on my Dad's regiment 35th Staffordshire (Sedgley) Battalion. I have found the information very interesting and informative.
If anyone has any further information about the 35th's and especially Private 350740 Ron Withers I would be delighted to hear from them.
1 February 2007 - Penkridge, Staffordshire

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Rose? Please contact her direct or through this website. Some information on Ron Withers's service can be seen on this website under "Staffordshire" - go to Site Map and then "Wolverhampton - Specific HG Units" to find it. Or use the site's Search facility.

Wendy Barr | Email address
Hi, A plea for help here please. My Father is William George Bridges 81yrs. He was in the home guard at Smethwick in around 1940/41 prior to joining the merchant navy.He cannot remember where he was based or what company it was, but he worked on the railways at the time. He wondered if there was a unit either attached to the railways or based at Bournville. I have tried the Smethwick home guard old comrades club but it is just a social club now and they say they have no records.My brother has just applied for some war medals that my father didn't receive at the time (he was still serving overseas, and then forgot about them) and in the paperwork received it asks for all his details regarding his term in the home guard. As you can appreciate at 81 his memory isn't as good as it was, so could any of your readers point me in the right direction please?
21 December 2006 - Cannock England

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Wendy and her father? If so please email her direct or, if you prefer, provide information and/or comment via this website.
There is now some guidance on this website about finding information on individual Hoem Guards. Go to SITE MAP (link above)/General Information.

David Timmins | Email address
What a great site my Grandfathers were both Home Guard Wolverhampton 22 Battalion and I am trying to piece together info as I still have my Maternal Grandfathers Bayonet, proficiency certificate and disbanding photo. I am putting together Uniform for re enactment. Can you tell me what cap Badge the S Staffs wore any info would be most usefull
20 November 2006 - Wolverhampton

Webmaster comments   Thanks, David. It's the Staffordshire Knot badge, I believe. I'm always very pleased to receive any information about Staffs H.G. members.

Mary Harvey | Email address
What a wonderful site and such a tribute to the HOME GUARD.
My grandmother's brother, CORNELIUS BENNETT (NOFU No.0567), stayed in Scotland after the war, married a lass ELIZABETH and had sons NEIL and ALEX. Cornelius's immediate family are all passed now, the last sister passed away last month at 91 yrs. I would love to get in touch with some of Cornelius's sons or grandchildren.
Keep up the wonderful work. GOD BLESS.
30 September 2006 - NEWFOUNDLAND-CANADA

Webmaster comments   Thank you, Mary.
Cornelius Bennett was a member of the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit and worked throughout the war in Scotland. He was also a member of the Home Guard battalion formed from these groups of men. Please go to the section of this site entitled Memories and Information - All Other Counties (via "Site Map" above) and find Invernessshire to read more of the fascinating story of this little-known organisation. Or use the site's Search facility.

Tessa Wood | Email address
I was very interested in Mr A Banbury memories of the 23rd Staffords,Wolverhampton.
My husband's uncle was 2ND Lt. Cecil N.Wood and was in this unit.I have two photos of the unit, one with names, mainly officers.

Tessa Wood
5 June 2006 - Walsall

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much, Tessa. It's good to know that SOMEONE is still looking at the site!!
Further note (23 June 06): Thanks to Tessa's generosity, interesting information about 2/Lt. Wood and the 23rd Wolverhampton Battn. as a whole can now be seen in the Memories and Information - Staffordshire section of this website.

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