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Richard Williams | Email address
Hi, Fabulous site. I met Chris in Swansea today, great guy to chat to. He new of us in the Glamorgan Home Guard, and It's great to see our link on the site. When I have time, I will explore the rest of the fabulous site. Great Work !!!
11 July 2009 - Glamorgan

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Richard. Good to meet you and your comrades. And glad that the weather was so much better for you all on the Sunday. ATB.

Julie McKee | Email address
Section Leader Alfred Henry George BRUNGES and Patrol Leader Charles William Lovelace TOZER were awarded the George Medal for their work during an air raid on 26th October 1940.

My mother who lived in Lozells, told me about this air raid. She was in the Villa Cross Picture House on this night. When the sirens sounded some people went to shelters at the Cinema but some went to the shelters across the road that were later flooded. Luckily for her she ran along the Lozells Road and home ducking into the shop doorways as she went. She told me that a great many people lost their lives that night.
3 May 2009 - Birmingham

Webmaster comments   Thanks for that memory, Julie.
(Julie is referring to a page under Other Memories/Warwickshire/Birmingham, Aston - go to it via Site Map)

Bill Broughton | Email address
Just to let you know that today (19/3/09) my wife Brenda (nee Duffett) found a photograph of her father Don Duffett on your website in the section related to the Crabbs Cross Redditch Home Guard (Second World War).
Sadly he died on 25/12/2003 aged 83. His wife and 3 married children still live in Redditch.
A fantastic website. Well Done!!!
19 March 2009 - I live in Hunt End, Redditch, Worcs.

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Bill, just the sort of feedback it's good to hear!

PS 20/7/09 Bill - I think there was a hiccup and your message never appeared. V. sorry about this but thanks again

Nick Giles | Email address
I am researching the uniform worn by employees of the Hercules factory, Rocky Lane,Aston,Birmingham,serving in the Home Guard,their unit being the 25th Warwickshire(B'Ham)Battalion,D Company.Does anyone know what uniform insignia would have been worn? Did the 25th Warks.have its own shoulder titles? Was there any form of Hercules insignia worn?
Would be very grateful for any information, book titles, photo sources etc.
17 March 2009 - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Webmaster comments   You have presumably found the page devoted to the Hercules unit within this website, Nick. The images on it don't suggest anything special. It may be possible to ask a surviving member of this unit the question - contact us if you would like to pursue this.

Pete Keane | Email address
Hi, What a pleasure it has been to read through your site. Its great to see that everyone's contribution can be remembered.

A quick question - I am researching a battalion of the South Lancs Regiment, I have been told that the local Home Guard (warrington) would have worn South Lancs cap badges/collar dogs - is this correct, or would the Home Guard have their own battalion badges?
This obviously helps when I am trying to identify members of the South Lancs from old photo's!


16 March 2009 - Somersetshire.

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you, Pete. My understanding is that, with very few exceptions, the HG battalion adopted the cap badge of the regiment to which it was affiliated. An excellent source of information on who was linked to whom is here: http://www.home-guard.org.uk/hg/struc.html
The members of the WII Reenacting Forum are a mine of information on insignia, uniform and equipment if you have any follow-up queries (let me know if you need the link).

James Hufford | Email address
Hi there I'm not sure if you can help me But my uncle (William Hufford) was in the Huntingdonshire Home Guard and my father was in the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire infantry and moved on to the 4 Commando unit. I'm really realy keen to learn more about them and try and get maybe a picture? Any advice or help would be really appreciated. p.s this is the easiest site I've found.
25 February 2009 - England /cambrideshire

Webmaster comments   Thanks, James. Can anyone help?

Frances Spong | Email address
My Great Uncle (Bill) William Clarke was in the Home Guard in Easton Huntingdonshire. I would be very interested in any info on this unit.
Thank you.
P.S Super website
22 February 2009 - Surrey England

Webmaster comments   Can we help Frances about units in Huntingdonshire? Staffshomeguard has nothing on file. And thanks for your kind words, Frances

Eric Lees | Email address
Nothing seems to be said about the Manchester Home Guard unit based at Debdale water works reservoirs at Mawson Hall. I remember as a schoolboy going there in 1959 and finding a large dump of smoke canisters dated 1944. I can only assume they were used to cover the reservoirs in an air raid attack. There was evidence of a slit trench also but I can find no reference as to the name or number of this Home Guard unit. Can anyone help, please?
29 January 2009 - Nelson, Lancs.

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Eric? Please reply via staffshomeguard using 'email address' above.

Arthur Jones | Email address
My father, Percy Arthur Jones of The Bungalow, Pound Lane, Hanwood, Nr. Shrewsbury served in one of the local H.G. units from near its inception until stand down. He died in 1949. I was 5 at that time. His unit would probably have been Hanwood, or Cruck Meole if they had one. Several requests to the department holding details of those serving in the H.G. have all been ignored. As I can barely remember my father, I would be delighted if anyone can provide me with any information relating to these years of his life. Many thanks.
11 January 2009 - Shrewsbury area

Webmaster comments   Can any visitor to this website help Mr. Jones?
(The webmaster would also be interested to hear any information about this or other Shropshire units).

William Elkington | Email address
Not sure how to put an advert onto your forum and wondered whether you could do something for me. Much obliged if you can.
We are looking for some Home Guard units to man 3 checkpoints throughout the village for Sat 29th and Sun 30th August 2009. It will be letting villagers in and out of the village that are not taking part and checking ID cards for the event. Real life situations as they were in the 1940ís. For those that are interested could they please get in touch.
9 January 2009 - Lincolnshire

Webmaster comments   Can visitors to this site help support this event? Please contact William direct if you can.

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