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The I.O. now produces large size Protrator, Dividers and Rule and proceeds to astonish the Class with various sleight-of-hand tricks and, as an encore, the Class allows him to draw yet another natty diagram, full of Cabalistic Signs and so on, from which one could almost forecast the end of the War!!

The hour of 10 p.m. however, is fast



approaching, and Private F-. is spared further effort until the next Parade Night. After a brilliant summing-up by the I.O. of the night's efforts, the meeting breaks up with everybody patting everybody else on the back and telling each other in the most convincing manner that they've certainly added to their store of knowledge this night - if it's only two Pages from the book. ."





Contributed by Companies and from other sources

Just before midnight, a Company was falling-in for an all-night exercise. The Coy. Cmdr. noticed that one N.C.O. had not brought his greatcoat. "Corporal So-and-So" he said, "you'll need your greatcoat before morning. Double back home and get it, you've got time." The Corporal ran up the road to his house and, after he had knocked at the door several times, his wife put her head out of the bedroom window. "What d'ye think you're doing coming back home so soon?" she asked. "I thought you said you'd be out all night." "I've only come back for my greatcoat," answered the Corporal. "Chuck it down, quick." His wife complied. He put on the coat and rushed back to parade.

In the pale light of dawn, next morning, the Coy. Cmdr. spotted him and asked how long he had been a Sergeant. The Corporal looked at his sleeve, "Blimey!" and bolted in the direction of home without even wishing his Coy. Cmdr. good-bye.


Strange titles have been given to some of our Exercises, which have had equally strange results when Signallers have obeyed instructions to commence each message : "Exercise So-and-So." And, particularly so, if they haven't always made sure that they have the correct telephone number.

On one occasion, a message to be telephoned was handed in during the small hours of a certain Sunday morning. After dialling for some considerable time, connection was established, and the telephonist began in the approved style : "Exercise Cat, Exercise Cat." "What the adjective something d'ye mean by fetchin' me out o' bed and