The Letters Home of Lt. E. Trevor Evans,
(34 Squadron, R.F.C. and 206 Squadron, R.A.F.)

Lt. E. Trevor Evans was a young man from New Brighton on the Wirral in Cheshire who was taught to fly in the Royal Flying Corps in 1917. He served as a pilot with 34 Squadron on the Western Front and in Italy before spending several months in England and later returning to action with 206 Squadron in France for the last few months of the war. After the Armisice he and the Squadron formed part of the Army of Occupation in Cologne.

Trevor, like many of his generation, was a prolific letter writer. His output, to family and friends, must have been enormous. We are fortunate that most of those written to his family - and especially those to his twin sister, Marjorie - have survived, tied up in a length of faded pink ribbon and lovingly preserved by her until her death in 2001 at the age of 103.

For the benefit of later generations of the family this pile of letters, photographs and other documentation was transcribed and assembled into a privately published document entitled "With Fondest Love., Trev.", the writer's invariable closing line. It provides a glimpse of social life on the Wirral and of the impact of war on individuals, families and society as a whole; and it illustrates many aspects of life as an R.F.C. cadet, as a rookie pilot seeing action for the first time and finally as an R.A.F. veteran of many missions and experiences, all gained before the age of twenty-one.

An almost full version of "My Fondest Love, Trev.", including all of Trevor's words and fully illustrated but excluding most of the extensive appendices of the original version, is available on associated pages of this website. This online version is split into two halves, as shown below. Select either part to view.

(N.B. The two documents are in .pdf format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. They are large files, each of about 100 pages and 12-16mb, and may be slow to download. Part 1 includes the Contents List of the entire document; there is no index but each part is searchable. )

PART 1 (click to view)

Contents and Introduction

1915 and 1916: New Brighton
  January: Inns of Court, Berkhamsted
  February: Berkhamsted
  March: Berkhamsted; R.F.C, Reading
  April - May: Catterick (14 Reserve Squadron/14 T.S./6 T.S.)
  June: Catterick; Tadcaster (46 T.S.)
  July: Tadcaster; Catterick
  August: Catterick; Turnberry (No. 2 School of Air Gunnery)
  September: Catterick; Doncaster (15 T.S.); Spittlegate; Brooklands
  October: Hursley Park, Winchester; Western Front (34 Sqn.)
  November: Western Front; Italy (34 Sqn.)
  December: Italy

PART 2 (click to view)

  January: Italy; Lake Down, Salisbury (108 Sqn.)
  February: Lake Down
  March - May: Hospital: Wales (Nannau) and Liverpool (Maghull)
  June - July: Lake Down (14 T.D.S.)
  August: Lake Down; Western Front (206 Sqn.)
  Sept. - November: Western Front
  December: Western Front; Cologne (206 Sqn.)
  January - March: Cologne/Bickendorf

Epilogue, Bibliography, Appendix

This website also contains the story of another member of 206 Squadron, 2/Lt. Wilbur Arnold John, an observer lost in July 1918 and one of the aircrew whom Trevor Evans joined the Squadron to replace:  THE STORY OF WILBUR ARNOLD JOHN

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