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"C" Company of the 24th Staffordshire (Tettenhall) Battalion had its HQ at Stockwell House in Tettenhall (right). The Company Commander was Major Trevor Jones and his 2 i/c Captain B. Wood. Other names amongst the HQ staff, all with specialised responsibilities, included Messrs. W.V.B. Weston, C.T. Foster, R.G. Counter, H. Nuttall, (maker of the Battalion's fearsome "Nuttall" flamethrower), M.W. Burgoyne, R.J. Pritchard, L.H. Roberts, M. Cattermole, A.W. Varcoe, A.L. Purcell, V.A. Chatwin, J. Whitehouse and W.S. Robertson. At stand-down in December 1944 the Company numbered 260 men.

Also located at Stockwell House were two platoons: No. 15 (Recruits) commanded by Lt. A.F. Purnell with Sgt. A.F. Wingfield as Platoon Sergeant; and No. 24 (Weapons) under the command of Lt. H.E. Griffiths, supported by 2/Lt. J.C. Scotton, Sgt. E.V. Dean and Cpl. J. O'Brian. This latter platoon was a large one with three Sections under the command of Cpls. W.J. McKim, H.C. Davies and A.E. Cooper and also contained Medical and Weapons Training specialists, including those for Machine Guns and the Northover Projector. The picture (left) shows No. 24 Platoon, led by Lt. Griffiths, marching through a sunny Tettenhall on Sunday, 16th May 1943. The occasion for this parade was the third anniversary of the founding of the Home Guard in May 1940.

Within the group of Home Guards based at Stockwell House was John William Green (1920-1976). John Green was the son of the Steward and Stewardess of the South Staffordshire Golf Club and lived there with his parents. He was in a reserved occupation in a local factory engaged in war work, Manley & Regulus Ltd., where he performed inspection duties. This was a company of engineers and brassfounders, located at Bushbury and lasting from 1904 to 1962; they manufactured hot pressings and water fittings.

The Golf Club itself was used as an Observation Post from very early on. It was clearly not the most onerous of responsibilities and Company orders of 29th July 1940 included the rather grumpy comment from the Company Commander: "It was found some time ago that the O.P. at the South Staffs Golf Club was unsatisfactory on account of a tendency to sit in the Club and call that OP duty". It was however rather less comfortable later on as the course itself received its fair share of incendiaries aimed at the nearby Boulton Paul Aircraft works. In that factory was working John's future wife, Vera Lloyd of Tettenhall Wood.

John's middle brother, Dennis Green, (known by many all his life as Jim Green), went into the Royal Navy and was awarded the Oak Leaf. His youngest brother, Graham Green, went into the Merchant Navy and was awarded the Lloyds Bronze Medal.

One of John's other comrades in the Home Guard was thought to be Les Powner.


Grateful acknowledgement is made to:
- the son of John Green for providing information about his family and allowing us to publish it here, and
- the source of other information about "C" Coy. - "The Record of the 24th Staffs. (Tettenhall) Bn. HG"   by its Commander, Lt. Col. A.J. Parkes, 1945