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(Magnified, high definition version)

This page contains a magnified, high definition version of the map shown on the 41st Staffordshire (Tipton) Battalion summary page, and also below, which is reproduced in this website with the kind permission of its owner.

The provenance of the map is unknown and so there is knowledge neither of its owner nor of the purposes for which it was used. Nor do we know whether it was created specifically for Home Guard use or was an earlier map, later modified for Home Guard purposes. Its date is likely to be earlier than 1944 (the Battalion was extensively reorganised in early 1944 - see other pages in this section of the website - and the map shows no evidence of any of these changes). Furthermore its well-worn state suggests years of use and so we may safely assume that it dates from an early stage in the life of the Home Guard and indicates the Battalion's organisation between 1940 and 1943.

The map is of interest in at least four ways:

1.   It shows the location of the HQ of the four constituent Companies and of several of the Platoons, as follows:

- "A" Company HQ, Sedgley Road
- "B" Company HQ, M.E.C., Toll End Road
- "C" Company HQ, Sedgley Road
- "D" Company HQ, Old Church Lane

- Nos. 1 and 2 Platoons HQ, Old Church Lane
- No. 3 Platoon HQ, Doe Bank
- No. 4 Platoon HQ, Tan Sad, Bridge Road

2.   It demonstrates the Battalion's area of responsibility. 
(The boundary is shown  thus: )

3.   It shows the general location of each Company's area of responsibility throughout the town (denoted by the large A, B, C and D).

4.   It identifies the neighbouring Battalions and thus at least part of those Battalions' area of responsibility, as follows:

- Bilston, 34th Battalion, No. 3 Group, "The Mount", Mount Pleasant, Bilston
(34th Staffordshire (Bilston) Battalion)
Dudley, 3rd Battalion, No. 3 Group, Rose Hill Schools, Dudley
(3rd Worcestershire (Dudley) Battalion)
Rowley Regis, 40th Battalion, No. 3 Group, 175 Haden Hill, Old Hill
(40th Staffordshire (Rowley Regis) Battalion)

- Wednesbury, 36th Battalion, No. 2 Group, The Drill Hall, Wednesbury
(36th Staffordshire (Wednesbury) Battalion)
West Bromwich, 28th Battalion, No. 4 Group, New Drill Hall, Carters Green
(28th Staffordshire (West Bromwich) Battalion)

- West Bromwich, 29th Battalion, No. 4 Group, Drill Hall, Carters Green
(29th Staffordshire (West Bromwich) Battalion)

The group reference number denotes the Group of which a Battalion was part, each group being part of the South Staffordshire Zone which in turn was part of the Central Midland Area (1941 designations).

(See the Staffordshire summary page for information within this website about these nearby Battalions).

 This is the map in its entirety.

The magnified, higher definition version below concentrates on the main 41st Battalion area and its immediate surroundings.

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Grateful acknowledgement to Jackie Thickett for permission to reproduce this map.
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